Kate Morris

Founder of Adore Beauty


It’s not every day that you have the likes of beauty guru, Kate Morris sharing her love for your product. She is a feminist, entrepreneur, overall power-house, everything and more – an inspiration. For those that may not be up-to-date with the hip and happening of the beauty world. Kate is the founder of Adore Beauty, Australia's first cosmetics retailer to sell exclusively online. Kate took to instagram stories to share her love for who is elijah, we've collated the wonderfully, wise words from her and created a blog, for keepsake purposes...

We love that she, despite all her years in the field and successes, supports small, female-run businesses, fore-fronting a culture of female empowerment and encouragement. Here at who is elijah, we work towards an environment where everyone feels supported to grow and flourish, there’s no room for tall-poppy syndrome in our HQ!

Her descriptions of our eau de parfums are intoxicatingly romantic. We read through each slide with heavy breaths and imaginations filled with nostalgic memories. They were stories that allowed you to transcend to your happy place, the safe space, where you feel warm and supported, free and liberated.

Those feelings when you’re by the fire, wine in hand. You have your favourite socks on, a face mask prepared and nothing on your to-do list.

Or perhaps you’re fresh out of the ocean, in the tropics, margarita at the ready. You have slicked back freshly washed hair, sun-kissed skin and are wearing a linen set, to a beachside early evening dinner.


Takes us to summer date nights, picnics on the coast, crashing waves in the background and warm breezes upon our skin. We’re with good company, feeling confident and carefree in nature.

 “I’m wearing this today and loving it! Very fresh and citrusy when it opens, dries down (via green notes of rosemary and petitgrain) to warm base of amber, musk and cedar wood. This reminds me a lot of Tom Ford Neroli Portofino, or the now sadly discontinued Mugler Cologne by Thierry Mugler”


It’s a love story, someone is confessing their love for you. Your stomach is filled with butterflies. You notice the sounds, the smells, the scenery around you. You remember the outfit you wore, what you ate for lunch, every word they spoke. You sit in emotion, content and wrapped in a bubble of romance.

 “This does not smell like perfume. It sits close to the skin and smells like hugs and your favourite cashmere jumper that has a hole in it but you still wear it because it’s home. If you like “Not A Perfume” by Juliet Has A Gun, you will love this”


You’ve come home from a day in the sun with friends, you’ve created memories with loved ones. You’re fresh out of the shower, moisturised skin, put your favourite jewellery on, ready to go for a sea-side dinner with your love. You spritz yourself as the finishing touch and you feel intoxicatingly confident in your own skin.

 “I wore this one yesterday, it reminds me of a mossy clearing in a forest with a stream flowing by. I imagine this is what a Hemsworth might smell like… It’s woody and green but still fresh


It’s the all-encompassing, heavy breaths, pounding hearts, soft touches of a warm room in winter. It’s when you feel sexy, in your best fit jeans, favourite knits and are getting Italian. You’ll have a glass of red and be in a quaint restaurant, the background noise of genuine conversations fill the air.

 “This is the most perfumery of the four scents. It’s vanilla but not sweet, it’s very smoky and woody. Almost tobacco-y? Though it’s not in the notes. I don’t think I would wear this in summer- probably a winter-evening scent for me”


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