Our mothers, our muses.

Our mothers, our muses.

Here at who is elijah, we are fortunate enough to have motherly figures in our lives, supporting us and guiding us to be the best versions of ourselves. As Mother’s Day approaches us we wanted to celebrate our mothers, for all they are and do.

who is elijah wishes to express our love for those who have lost mothers, those with strained mother relationships, those who have chosen not to be mothers, those yearning to be mothers, mothers who have lost children, mothers with strained children relationships and those fathers who also take on both roles. This day is not to discriminate but to celebrate the people in our lives who have helped shape who we are and where we will go.

Raquel, our founder and CEO is the world’s best juggler, she balances a full-time, extremely busy work week, owning two successful businesses. As well as being the best mama to the wild and kind, little boy George. Being a mother has made her even more passionate, driven and empathetic.

We love you all and are eternally grateful for all that you do for us, the resilience you prove, the role model you play and the kindness you show.
Our eau de parfums offer earthy base notes that ground us, much like heartfelt advice or what longed-for hugs feel like. We feel confident to take on our days, knowing that we are able to overcome anything put in our path, for that we thank you mum. 

Here we invite you to meet our mamas;

Sammy & Di 

Raquel & Tracy & Mother in law, Narelle

Emma & Mary

Josephine & Michelle

Kiki & Jodie

Brea & Sarah
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