Laws of attraction - Why you like this but we like that?

Laws of attraction - Why you like this but we like that?

It’s complicated, to say the least. BUT we’re delving deep & putting our noses out there to learn (and share) the laws of fragrance attraction. 

Science says, we choose fragrances that inherently smell like us. No matter the bottle, the label or even the brand for that matter, it’s a scent that enhances your own unique aroma that’ll draw you in first & most intensely. 

Then there’s the law of nature vs nurture, or in the fragrance case nurture vs nature. It’s established that scents & our olfactory system are most deeply connected to our memories & experiences. We KNOW this. It’s our past experiences and their attachment to certain aromas that make us LOVE or HATE a scent. 

The power of scent is so STRONG, aromas are distinguishable for more than 30-years when they’re associated with an emotional event - like the first time you fell in love, or jumped out of an aeroplane, or hugged a friend you haven’t seen in almost a year #pandemic. A signature scent can become your comfort zone, a solid idea, reaction & mood you know & love achieved with just a simple mist. 

So it could be a favourite person you love, a place, an experience. OR, it could just be the gorgeous bottle that makes you love (or hate dislike) a fragrance. 

In other news, there’s a theory floating around that the scents we like the most are the ones we need. You know, healing with essential oils & all that…

Spritzing, dotting or simply inhaling aromas that contain pure essential oils can pretty quickly lift or change our mood - emotionally & physically. The essences stimulate our olfactory receptors which then give the limbic system in our brain a call, text or IM to say hello, things are about to change up in here. 

When trying new fragrances & ingredients, don’t be afraid. Take your time, be present & keep your mind open. It’s okay to stick with your go-to, that’s why they call it a signature scent!

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