Hidden health benefits of aromatherapy oils in perfumes

Hidden health benefits of aromatherapy oils in perfumes

More than just an AH-MAZING smell, aromatherapy & essential oils in perfumes provide sooo many benefits, it’ll make you want to buy MORE. 

Mood-boosting, easy-breathing, detoxifying & soul-soothing indulgences with a daily spritz & mist. 

Fragrances made using aromatherapy or essential oils disperse the do-good molecules onto your skin, ready to be absorbed. 

Here are just some of the benefits, hidden in that little glass bottle. 

Better than a lullaby

Lay your head & close your eyes. You’re about to experience a world of better sleep & down time. Fragrances made with a cocktail of rose, lavender, Roman chamomile or clary sage are KNOWN for inducing feelings of relaxation & calm. In the right bottle, these essential oils can even help you fall asleep faster & to stay that way all night long. 

Wake up feeling energised AF and ready to carpe diem! 

Because we’re H A P P Y

Not just for calming down, certain oils are total mood boosters (aka uppers). Cinnamon & bergamot are our go to’s. Delivering powerful bursts of positivity & energy, a mist of these oils first thing in the morning will get you going for a happy, focused & lively day ahead. 

BONUS, our fave citrus oil, bergamot, has anxiety-quenching & self-esteem boosting powers too!

Pain, be gone

Got a niggle? Spritz your essential oil infused fragrance on your target (painful) areas. Clove & ginger are two amazing ingredients for relieving physical aches & pains as well as the dreaded headache (basil is another great one for our migraine sufferers)! 

Double-dose it and enjoy a hot cup of ginger root tea - delicious & advantageous. 

Stress has left the building 

There’s mental stress & physical stress. Sometimes our minds don’t think we’re stressed but our bodies are CRYING OUT to us for help. Signs of physical stress to look out for are: your heart beat gets faster, muscles get tighter, breath gets shorter & your blood pressure goes up. 

Time to bring in the big guns. Jasmine, holy basil & vetiver are fantastic for balancing cortisol levels & returning the body to its natural state of calm. 

When inhaled through the nose, aromatherapy oils stimulate the nose & the brain, having an almost instantaneous effect on your mood & emotions. When used on the skin (aka your morning spritz) the oils are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Next time you spritz your signature scent (just check it’s made using some essential oils), take a moment to feel. How has your mood changed, are you invigorated, less stressed, pain-free or can you breathe better & sleep longer? 

Ignite your senses & make this your new daily ritual *spritz *spritz *spritz. 

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