DESERT NIGHTS: Where Our Journey Began

People often wonder what inspired Raquel, our founder to create WHO IS ELIJAH and embark on the journey of entrepreneurship. The answer lies in a transformative experience at Coachella, a festival that holds deep roots for our brand.

In the past years, Raquel and our team have returned to Coachella, viewing it as a pivotal moment for WHO IS ELIJAH. It's more than just a festival—it's a celebration of our brand's evolution and the incredible impact it has had, all stemming from a single experience.

As Coachella approaches once again, we find ourselves drawn back to the desert where it all began five years ago. It was here that Raquel encountered a captivating scent during a memorable night out—a fragrance oil from India that lingered in her mind long after the festival ended. This encounter ignited the spark that led to the creation of WHO IS ELIJAH. Since then, WHO IS ELIJAH has grown exponentially, but our journey has only reinforced the significance of Coachella in our story.

Today, we stand as an independent fragrance house, dedicated to crafting gender-neutral, cruelty-free fragrances that are not only memorable but also inclusive. Our passion lies in creating scents that elevate the senses and leave a lasting impression.

Our community has eagerly awaited the fragrance that started it all—a scent that has been discussed in podcasts, articles, and countless conversations. Now, that scent is finally here.

DESERT NIGHTS is the culmination of Raquel's vision and our perfumer's expertise. Inspired by the essence of Coachella and the allure of the desert, this fragrance transports you to a realm of warmth and mystery.

With top notes of White Rose and Saffron, middle notes of Cypriol, Moroccan Rose, and Indian Jasmine, and base notes of Cambodian Oud, Dry Amber, White Woods, and Musk, DESERT NIGHTS offers an irresistible blend that captivates the senses.

Available exclusively in limited quantities in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand, DESERT NIGHTS comes in convenient 5ml and 10ml rollerball sizes, perfect for carrying the essence of the desert wherever your adventures take you.