Curate a Fragrance Beauty Wardrobe | who is elijah

Curate a Fragrance Beauty Wardrobe | who is elijah


Hibernation is over! Step out and stand out with a curated fragrance wardrobe 

Forget what you think you know because this ain’t no ‘one-scent-fits-all-occasions’ type of deal. 

So much more than how you smell, a perfume speaks loudly about a moment in time, a feeling, a memory, an emotion. 

Memory & smell are like two sensory peas in a pod. As humans - him, her, you, me, we, us, they - have 27 different moods in our repertoire and our nose has our brain on speed-dial! 

So, take a breath (in through your nose!). What can you smell? What do you feel? Whatever it is, magic is happening in your head making you think, feel, remember and act in a kind of way. 

Like a mood that calls for that LBD (little black dress), a confident red lip, bow-tie and suspenders or your favourite oversized Tee, the scent you wear is cardinal to your being and amplifies your individuality. 

To help your quest for a head-turning, rotating fragrance wardrobe to reverberate every mood and occasion… 

Mood about it 

Nostalgic, feel-good, calm

You know that feeling when you walk into a spa and you’re instantly floating on a cloud? Well, you can thank the cocktail of aromatherapy oils, candles and diffusers that send all the good-vibe chemicals straight to your brain. The 20’s call for one staple contemporary scent so future you can be instantly pulled back to this moment in time. 

Fragrance wardrobe

We’re lusting over alluring fragrances that take you back to your most favourite nights - a tribute to the exhilaration of first times. Look out for Papyrus, Leather, Bergamot, Cardamom, Sandalwood, Fir Needle

Sexy, seductive, sophisticated 

Yes. Right away, you get it. The minute you walk in the room, heads turn. Move over girl/boy next door, this is your time - you’re here and everyone knows it. Forged with confidence & obsession, evoke your individuality with a vibrant composition of intoxicating aromas. 

Fragrance wardrobe

We’re going mad for the unpredictable; sweet, spicy, mellow compositions of citrus, cedarwood & musk tones. Look out for Floral, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Cedarwood 

Just like a dream

Reminiscent of fresh white sheets or the first day of spring, a concoction of sugar-meets-spice will transport you into the deepest dream-like state with a sweet ending like no other. And with that very first spritz, feelings of accomplishment and affirmation overtake you. 

Fragrance wardrobe

Cool, calm, clean and chic, cover yourself and your surroundings in a fragrance that’s fresh so you can stress less. Look out for Orange Blossom, Cashmeran Wood, Vanilla, Vetiver, Lilac Leaves, White Musk

Go on, drench yourself! This is your decade, every moment depicted in a scent.


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