What, Where, When & How to Spritz - Everything you need to know about fragrance application

What, Where, When & How to Spritz - Everything you need to know about fragrance application


Intoxicating, all-consuming, everlasting - finesse your daily perfume routine for the ultimate scented armour.

Okay, where to start - with the bottle! What are you working with?

  • Perfume (aka parfum in french, ooh la la!) is about 20-30% concentrated and lasts up to 8 hours 
  • Eau de parfum is about 15-20% so you’re looking at around 6 hours of solid scent 
  • Eau de toilette will last about 4 hours or so with 5-15% concentration 
  • Eau de fraiche will last less than 2 hours

Love your layers. With your parfum & eau de parfums, look out for the top, middle & base scents. Throughout the day, the fragrance will flow & change - from the aromatic, citrus notes on top to the woody notes at the base. 

Science says so

Don’t be shy, drench yourself with a spritz, applying the fragrance across your décolletage - scent to skin! The oil-loving parts of your skin are ready & waiting to bind with the oils in your perfume. Add a little body warmth & your scent will explode! 

Oh & don’t rub - it’ll force the fragrance to wear off way quicker. Instead, hold the bottle about 10cm away from your body. 

Kiss me here & here

As the wise Coco Chanel once said, drizzle the perfume “where you want to be kissed”. And she was so right. Lightly (or intensely - whatever!) spray or dab your signature scent strategically where you feel a pulse - your neck, chest, wrist, right behind the ears, & our fave spots for sillage (a fancy way of saying long-lingering scent)… the elbows & behind the knees! We can’t be tamed. 

Out of the bathtub

Relaxed, balanced, clean & hydrated - your straight-out-of-the-bath skin is prime for spritzing. Take it one step further and lather up the body butter or moisturiser before misting your perfume all over - the extra moisture will lock in the scent an all-day (or night) long. 

Layers aren’t just for winter

Not sure if your favourite bottle has a top, middle & base note? No drama! Create the ultimate-you aroma just by spraying a few different scents onto moisturised (even try a scented moisturiser!) skin. Start with the strongest scent and work your way down to the lightest. 

If you love it, save it in your notes for next time!

Head in the air 

Let’s talk hair. Perfume & hair are a definite no-go. Making your hair smell as amazing as your body is a whole other topic (one we also know & love!). It’s that alcohol-based so many perfumes contain that we want to avoid direct contact with - sensitive skin & hair. Instead, grab your fragrance, spritz a few times in the air and walk through the cloud. 

Cool, calm & in total control

Simply, the best place to store your fragrance is in the box you got it in. But, cooler climates are optimal for maintaining the quality of the scent. Consider your fragrance like a French Champagne (brb fetching a flute) -“you’d never leave a bottle of Champagne in the sun” said the Francis Kurkdjian, who apparently has friends who store their signature scents in the fridge!

Keep it at room temp & avoid hot, humid & light-drenched shelves. 

For the sensitive (skin) kind

Steer clear of drizzling the perfume anywhere from your neck to your chest - or any other body part for that matter. Instead, scent-up your clothes & garments. Keep the nozzle at a distance - you don’t want to stain your clothing! And remember, where less (perfume, not clothing - although hey we’re not judging!) than you think you need, subtlety is stronger than overpowering. 

Go ahead, spritz to reveal another layer. We dare you.



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